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Icy and her Doll by Frozen-Icicles Icy and her Doll by Frozen-Icicles
Drawn in PSE 7 and cropped in paint.
Photoshop derped, so I had to prtsc it into paint lol.
Anywayyyyy This be Icy and her new Vanilla Ice cream doll.
Oh glob dude, you have no ideaaaa. I thought you had used lineart or something, this looks so awesomeeeee!
Alright, first off, the good things! ^u^ You improved very much on the anatomy, I think it looks really good!!! The fact that you used orange or red for shading looks really awesome, it looks better than black if you ask me! Makes it more realistic! About the shading too, you really got it down where the shadows and highlights should be, it looks great ^^ The eyes look really cute, the lineart is smooth and thin, I like it better than the way you did your other lineart! I think your style is cuter with thinner lines ^w^ The shading again, looks really good since you used two layers of shading, to make it look more three-dimensional!
Alright, for things you need improvement on, (I'll try not to sound mean, it's nothing personal, just want you to get better!) The left hind leg looks a little bent wrong, but you have the right idea. Just try looking at google images of cats and look at how their back legs bend when sitting or jumping ^^ I would've liked to see the background a little more detailed, or even transparent.
Other than that, it looks really good! You improved so much, the newer style is very appealing c: Nice job, Icy, you have real potential.
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December 26, 2012
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